OneDrive Connect

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OneDrive:connect is a module for CELUM Backstage to synchronize assets from CELUM to OneDrive.

1. Installation

  • Enable Backstage Main View Tab
  • Place OneDrive:connect .jar File in the /lib Folder
  • Restart celum appserver

2. Configuration of OneDrive Accounts

  • On Administration>OneDrive:connect you can add new OneDrive Accounts. All the Accounts configured here can be selected in the stage handler.

3. Usage

  • Go to Backstage Main View Tab
  • Add a new OneDrive Stage Handler Master
  • In addition to the normal backstage parameters (e.g. Name, Trigger etc.) a node can be selected to define the folder-structure in which the assets are stored on OneDrive. For every File Categorie a Downloadformat can be chosen and the OneDrive Account can be selected. onedrive_connect_parameter
  • After a Stage Handler Master has been made, a Stage Handler to synchronize the assets to OneDrive can be created.

Release Notes


Initial version


Improved Exception hanling


Use OauthCodeStorage for authentication