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type: long, required: yes

The ID of the asset you wish to see the details of.


type: String, required: no, default: CELUM's default language

The locale (ISO 639-1) to use, i.e. en. The availability of these depend on your CELUM configuration, usually en, de or fr. When left empty, CELUM's default language will be used.


type: List of String , required: no, default: ['general','infofields','pages','downloads','links']

What sections to show, and in what order. Any of:

  • general - general information about the asset, such as name, type and size (unordered)
  • infofields - information fields of the asset (no field-sets, unordered)
  • keywords, keyword_links, keyword_paths, keyword_path_links - DEPRECATED
  • share - add a button to share the current detail view as a deep link
  • downloads - links to all available download formats (and "add to basket" when you configure one)
  • pages - adds a page navigator for documents
  • links - show related assets (through one definable relation type)
  • similar - show similar assets (does a search on the nodes that the current asset is assigned to)
  • metadata - shows a fully configurable mix of the fields that are available in general and infofields (see metadata)
  • function (asset_id, metadata, table, options) {} - custom section (.append to the table you get)

type: long, required: no, default: 0

An information field ID to display instead of the asset name in the related assets (links).


type: long, required: no, default: false

The download format ID to use in the "Send hyperlink" link or false to disable that feature.


type: boolean, required: no, default: false

Whether to use separate tables for the different sections.


type: function, required: no, default: null

Callback when anuraDetails has finished loading: function(options, data) {...}


type: boolean, required: no, default: true

Whether to show the individual download formats as links. Turning this off will only leave the basket.


type: boolean, required: no, default: true

Whether to show the description of the download formats on an extra line instead of just as a tooltip.


type: boolean, required: no, default: function(icon) {return icon.replace('/big/', '/small/')}

Transforms the download format icon URLs, useful for dark themes to transform light into dark.


type: Object, required: no, default: '#cboxContent .cboxPhoto'

Where to update th page previews pages is enabled.


type: Object, required: no, default: {prev: '←', next: '→'}

Customize the buttons used on the pages paginator, e.g. {prev: '<', next: '>'}


type: map of functions, required: no, default: {}

Enables you to manipulate the values of an information field (per infofield ID), e.g. {3: function(info) {return 'Hello '+info.value+'!'}}


type: function, required: no, default: function(a, b) {return a.name.localeCompare(b.name, undefined, {numeric: true, sensitivity: 'base'})}

DEPRECATED - custom sorting function for the infofields section. You'll probably want to use metadata instead.


type: List of String, required: no, default: true

What metadata fields to show when show contains metadata. This is a replacement for general and infofields where you can determine what shows up and in what order. The keys are identical to the classes given to the rows in the general/infofields sections, e.g. ['id', 'created', 'info_102']. (since 2.8)


  • anura-loaded (options, data) - triggered when the plugin has loaded all the detail information


<div class="anura-details-container">
   <table class="anura-table-0">
         <tr class="title general">
            <td colspan="2">Object Details</td>
         <tr class="general">
            <td class="anura-name">Name</td>
            <td class="anura-value">Athene Cunicularia</td>
         <tr class="general"><!--etc--></tr>
         <tr class="title infofields">
            <td colspan="2">Information Fields</td>
         <tr class="infofield">
            <td class="anura-name">Description</td>
            <td class="anura-value">A Burrowing Owl near Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. It is standing on one leg</td>
         <tr class="infofield"><!--etc--></tr>
         <tr class="title download">
            <td colspan="2">Download Formats</td>
         <tr class="basket">
            <td colspan="2">
               <a class="anura-details-download">
                  <div class="basket-img"></div>
                  <div class="anura-details-download-name">Add to basket</div>
         <tr class="dlf">
            <td colspan="2">
               <a class="anura-details-download">
                  <img src="...">
                  <div class="anura-details-download-name" title="Original Format">Original Format</div>
         <tr class="dlf"><!--etc--></tr>



The basket functionality is available in Gallery, Masonry and Table. Use this object for their basket-parameter.

Name Example Default Comment
add [asset_id1, asset_id2, ...] null Assets to add to the basket (int or array of int)
remove [asset_id1, asset_id2, ...] null Assets to remove from the basket (int or array of int)
action 'show' - Action after initialization, one of: show, hide, toggle or clear
force_zip true false Force even single asset downloads to be delivered in a ZIP-file
cookies false true Use cookies to persist the basket (requires jquery.cookies.js). Provide a string instead to differentiate multiple baskets, e.g. cookies: 'foo' will use the cookie 'anura-basket-foo'.
send true false adds a "mailto" button that points to the download URL of the basket's content. Clicking on it leads straight to the download without showing the anura page.
share true false adds a "share" button copies a link with the basket's content to the clipboard. Cliking on it shows the anura page and opens the basket. since 2.8
terms_and_conditions {title: 'T&C', message: 'Lorem ipsum', confirm: 'I agree'} null show terms and conditions - when the confirm-parameter is present, a checkbox will appear and hide the download buttons until you check it. Localize any of the three texts by providing {de: 'Ich bin einverstanden', en: 'I agree'} instead of just a string. You can also set it to true to copy CELUM's downloadFormatInterceptor settings.
icon_transform function(icon) {return icon.replace('/dark/', '/light/')} function(icon) {return icon.replace('/big/', '/small/')} Icon transformation callback to change size/color
clear_after_download false true Clears the basket when the download starts
require_email true false require the user to input his e-mail address before he can download anything (useful when using anura.1.downloadHandler=anuraMailInputDownloader)
show_description false true Show the description of the download formats as a second line (instead of a tooltip)
max_assets 10 0 The maximum number of assets that a basket may contain (FIFO). 0 disables the feature. (since 2.8)
show_failed true false Show a placeholder for failed assets (that the user doesn't have access to, useful then share is true. (since 2.8)
default_format 3 null The download format that should be selected by default (when available). since 2.8

If your basket target element contains a span (preferably with the class counter), the number of assets in the basket will be updated there,
i.e. <div id="anura-basket">Basket (<span class="counter">7</span>)</div>


<div id="anura-basket-overlay">
   <div class="anura-basket-popup anura-locale-">
      <div class="anura-basket-popup-titlebar"><span>×</span></div>
      <div class="anura-basket-thumbs">
         <div class="anura-basket-thumb"><img src="...">
            <div class="anura-basket-thumb-delete hover"></div>
         <div class="anura-basket-thumb"><!--etc--></div>
      <div class="anura-basket-download">
         <h3 class="anura-basket-download-title">Download:</h3>
            <div class="anura-basket-download-holder">Download Format X</div>
            <div class="anura-basket-download-holder"><!--etc--></div>
         <h3 class="anura-basket-download-send">Send:</h3>
            <div class="anura-basket-download-holder mailto">Send Hyperlink</div>
         <span class="anura-basket-reset">clear</span>


  • anura-loaded (options) - triggered when the plugin has loaded all the detail information
  • anura-asset-added (options, asset, metadata) - triggered when an asset is added to the basket
  • anura-asset-removed (options, asset) - triggered when an asset is removed to the basket
  • anura-asset-failed (options, asset) - triggered when an asset could not be added to the basket
  • anura-cleared (options) - triggered when the basket is cleared (i.e. all assets got removed)
  • anura-toggled - triggered when the basket popup is toggled (i.e. shown or hidden)
  • anura-download (asset, download format) - triggered (on the entire window) for each downloaded asset