Smart Collections


The "Smart Collections" plugin automatically updates the linked assets of specific nodes (the smart collections) based on a search filter.

General Properties

To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: String, required: yes, default: -

The license key for the plugin (product: smartCollections), provided by brix.


type: String, required: yes, default: -

A Quartz cron expression specifying when the task should run.

Collection Properties

The plugin supports several smart collections. The properties are set in the format smartCollections.<number>.<property> (e.g. smartCollections.1.nodeId). In the following properties <number> = 1 will be used as an example.


type: Long, required: yes, default: -

The node id of the smart collection. The corresponding node will be filled automatically according to the specified filter.


type: String, required: yes, default: -


The filter expression for the smart collection, see Search Util 2.

Warning: this is a breaking change, the new filter expression is more flexible and has more functionalities, but v1.x filter expressions won't work any more.


A filter expression using the anura syntax. Attention: the search_ prefix has to be dropped and search was renamed to text. Ampersand (&) can be escaped by using &amp;.

Additionally, there is a node by name filter: One of node_contains or node_startswith has to be set to apply this filter. It also requires the node_type (id) and optionally a node (id) to limit the search. The language parameter is also taken into consideration for the node search.

E.g. smartCollections.1.filter=node=1234&node_recursive=true&infofield=7,true would find all assets linked to the node 1234 (or any sub-node) where the information field 7 (a checkbox) is true (checked)


type: String, required: no, default: defaultLanguage

The language used to filter.


type: String, required: no, default: false, version: 2.0.6+

Don't write log entries if an asset cannot be added to or removed from the collection. E.g. useful for strict nodes.


type: integer, required: no, default: 2000, version: 2.1.9+

Batch size for add and remove queries. Workaround for CELUM bug, the API doesn't partition the ids for MS SQL, so it fails if there are more than 2100 to be added or removed.


type: String, required: no, default: -

v1.4.x only

Exactly like smartCollections.1.filter, but it gets AND-ed with the filter when present, e.g. allowing you to use or_mode in the filter.

Compatibility Matrix

Smart Collections CELUM (min. version)
1.0 5.13.3
1.3.0 5.13.4
1.4.0 6.4 (tested up to 6.8)
2.0.0 6.4 (tested up to 6.8)
2.1.0 6.10 (tested up to 6.12)

Release Notes


Released: 2018-07-13

Initial version


Released: 2019-01-28

Added license


Released: 2020-10-09

Added scope parameter


Released: 2021-01-11

Upgraded to search util 2


Released: 2022-05-11

Switch to nested SDK-Queries to boost the eval-performance massively