Message Editor


The "Message Editor" plugin allows the user to edit messages directly in CELUM through the system menu.


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: String, required: yes, default: -

The license for the product (provided by brix IT Solutions).


type: List of String (comma-separated), required: false, default: - (only super admins)

A list of user groups for which the menu entry is visible.


  1. Add the jar file to {home}/appserver/lib
  2. Create a messageEditorMessages_<lang>.properties file for each language in {home}/appserver/lang, e.g. with the correct permissions.
  3. To make all the messages editable, copy the contents of each customMessages_<lang>.properties file to the corresponding messageEditorMessages file. Alternatively you can skip step 2. and rename the customMessages files to messageEditorMessages and just create one for the missing languages. This step is optional.

Note: Messages are often cached, you need to reload the page or press CTRL+SHIFT+R (Firefox, Chrome) or log out and in again to see the changes.

Compatibility Matrix

Message Editor CELUM (min. version)
1.0 5.13.3
1.0.3 5.13.4 (tested with 6.8)

Release Notes


Released 2019-12-09

Initial version.


Released 2021-01-11

Bug fix: changes are picked up immediately and not just after the next change