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Adapters connect the Anura front-end components to an upstream source, usually a DAM. At least one is required.

All adapters extend the anura-adapter in order to inherit some utility functions, namely:

  • Translations
    • translate(key, args) - labels translated into the current locale. Supports arbitrary arguments, e.g. the key pageX is translated as Page {page}, expecting {page: 5} in the args. So translate('pageX', {page: 5}) results in Page 5
  • States - stored in the URL as query parameters inside window.location.hash (so you can copy-paste stateful links). Prefix is an arbitrary prefix to your key in order to support multiple instances of the same component on one page.
    • hasState(prefix, key) - test if a given key is present
    • getState(prefix, key, fallback) - get the value of a given key, or your fallback value if not present
    • getStates() - get all states
    • setState(prefix, key, value) - set a value for a given key
    • setStates(array) - set multiple states at once. Note that you must deal with prefix yourself.
    • removeState(prefix, key) - removes the value for a given key (including the key itself)
    • removeStates(prefix, fragment) - remove multiple values whose key starts with fragment


For testing purposes, serves up a static set of nodes and assets. Has no attributes or events.



Connects Anura to a CELUM DAM, provided that the instance has the backend-plugin installed.

<celum-adapter url="https://my.celum.server/anura/example" locale="en"></celum-adapter>



required: yes, default: -

The URL where the back-end endpoint is located, e.g. https://my.celum.server/anura/example


required: no, default: the page's language (or en)

ISO 639-1 code for the language you'd like to use. Defaults to <html lang=...> if present or en otherwise.


required: maybe, default: -

API-Token to use, only required when the back-end is protected by one.



{detail: {name: name, oldValue: oldValue, newValue: newValue}}

Fired when any attribute has been changed, indicating that components hooked up to this adapter may want to reload themselves, e.g. because the locale has changed.