Global Statistics

The "Global Statistics" plugin provides an overview of all assets and the storage usage. Different users can be allocated different storages to track the consumption individually.

After a server restart, the Globalstatistics task should be run. It recalculates the storage sizes for set users. Usually, this task runs at midnight.


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/


type: boolean, required: yes, default: false

This property has to be set to true to enable the global statistic plugin, otherwise the submenu-entry will not appear.


type: long, required: no, default: -

For different users can be set how much storage size they have available. Only the users who have a configuration like this can see the plugin. This does not apply to Superusers, which always see the plugin.


type: long, required: no, default: -

If this property is set, superusers can see the storage usage percentage.


type: time (seconds minutes hours days months years, separated with "space") ,required: yes, default: 0 0 * ?

The Sizes for the users who have ben configured are determined on the times set in this property. As a result, the statistics display appears faster when it's called. On the other hand, the data will not be quite up-to-date.


type: double, required: yes, default: 0.9

if a storagesize has been set, the corresponding user is notified with an E-Mail if the percentage (set in this property) of the size is used.


type: int, required: yes, default: 7

After as many days as stated in this property the user will get a new E-Mail, if the used storage percentage still is above the limit.


type: string, required: no, default: -

Link to the Support Overview


type: string, required: no, default: -

Link to the Support Overview, if different users need to see different links. Superusers will see globalStatistic.supportlink.default


type: string, required: no, default: -

This property defines an email address to sent the information about low disk space and license violation (amount of users)


type: boolean, required: yes, default: true

If this property is set to false no emails will be sent from the plugin.

Release Notes


Initial Version


The plugin now sends a warning email when the licensed number of users is reached (to the configured support mail address)


Some visuell improvements were made. The chart now changes its color if the usage is critical.


Support Mail is configurable and all Mails can be disabled with new properties.