Drupal celum:connect is a drupal7 module that extends the drupal Media module. The following drupal modules are required for the drupal:connect module:

Media, File Entity, Field, Field SQL storage, File, Chaos tools, System, Image, Views

The module adds a celum:connect tab to the Media browser, which allows you to download assets from celum via the celum asset picker directly into the drupal7 filesystem.

1. Installation

  • copy the media_celum_connect folder into the module directory of your drupal7 installation (sites/all/modules).
  • In the drupal7 backend, go to Modules an check the checkbox next to "Media celum:connect" Drupal7 backend celum:connect Module

  • Save the configuration

2. Configuration

  • In the drupal7 backend, go to Modules and click the configure button next to "Media celum:connect"
  • Define the celum license (delivered by brix cross media), the api key (from the CMA in celum) the language locale and the desired download formats celum:connect configuration
  • Save the configuration
  • Clear the browser cache if there was an other configuration before

3. Creating a content type

  • In the drupal7 backend, go to Structure->Content types Drupal7 structure
  • Add a new content type or edit an existing one
  • Go to manage fields and add a new field with image or file as field type and media browser as field widget Drupal7 field
  • Go to edit and enable celum:connect as a browser plugin Media browser enable browser plugins
  • Go to field settings and change the desired settings

4. Using the new content type

  • Add new content with Content->Add content and choose the newly created/edited content type
  • Click on the browse button in the previously created celum:connect field celum:connect browse button
  • Choose the desired Asset celum:connect asset picker
  • Choose the desired download format celum:connect downloadformat
  • Rename the asset if desired celum:connect rename asset
  • Save the Asset into drupal celum:connect finish