Typo3:connect (FAL)

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celum_connect_fal is a Typo3 FAL (file abstraction layer) implementation which allows to browse the files stored in Celum directly in Typo3.

1. Prerequisites

  • Rest-API (CORA) v3.2 or higher has to be installed.
  • Either all assets intended for the usage in Typo3 need a public URL or the direct download plugin has to be installed in Celum as it is the fallback.

2. Installation

  • Login into the Typo3 backend as an administrator
  • Go to ADMIN TOOLS and select Extensions
  • Click on Upload Extension and upload the celum_connect_fal.zip file
  • Activate the extension in the extension overview
  • Go to WEB and select List
  • Scroll down to File Storage and add a new entry
  • Select celum:connect (FAL) and enter a name, e.g. Celum
  • Specify license key (obtained through brix)
  • Enter the Celum API key for CORA
  • Choose the locale in which the folders will be displayed, e.g. de
  • Specify a default locale (used when the name isn't available in the language chosen above), e.g. en
  • List your root node Ids as comma seperated list (all those nodes and their children (recursive) will be shown in your celum drive)
  • Add your directDownload secret, if your directDownload plugin is using this feature (recommended)
  • Enter the provider and description of the public URL for images and videos (not required, fallback is direct download), e.g. connector.youtube and url
  • Specify a writable folder for manipulated and temporary files, e.g. 1:_processed_
  • Go to Access capabilities and uncheck Is writable?
  • Save your configuration
  • Go to FILE Filelist and you should see your Celum drive

The folder for manipulated and temporary files is required by Typo3 FAL but will not be visible. 1:_processed_ should always work. The storage 1 is the file storage which is automatically created by Typo3. _processed_ is the identifier of the processed folder in any storage.

settings - file list settings - fal config

3. Usage

Same as the File Storage.

file list image block image block selection

4. Known Issues

  • Not working with composer
  • Original file size and not the one of the actual file is displayed (depends on public url and download format)
  • Same for the file extension, creation date and modification date

Release Notes

1.0.0 beta

Released 2018-12-14

1.0.3 beta

Released 2019-01-04 Fixed display and expiring URL issues