Search util

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Allows to search in CELUM with a specified syntax similar to the Anura API search syntax.

Search Syntax

  • node (long[]) - node IDs to restrict the search to, e.g. node=123&node=987
  • folder (int) - celum ID of the folder to restrict the search to, DEPRECATED -> use node
  • keyword (int[]) - celum ID of the keyword to restrict the search to, multiple keywords (AND search) may be specified using search_keyword=1&search_keyword=2, DEPRECATED node
  • node_startswith (string) - nodes that starts with term to restrict the search, e.g. node_startswith=bla
  • node_contains (string) - nodes that contains term to restrict the search, e.g. node_contains=blub
  • node_type (long) - node type IDs (e.g. 105,106)
  • node_recursive (boolean) - search in subnodes as well, default is true
  • noderef (boolean) - search in noderefs as well, default is true
  • node_or_mode (boolean) - connect different search node terms with OR, default is AND
  • images (boolean) - show images in result
  • documents (boolean) - show documents in result
  • videos (boolean) - show videos in result
  • audios (boolean) - show audios in result
  • others (boolean) - show others in result
  • asset_type (long) - asset type IDs (e.g. 3000,4000)
  • extensions (string[]) - search by file extension, e.g. search_extensions=png,eps
  • id (list of long) - search particular assets via their ID
  • uploaded_before (string) - restrict results to assets uploaded before this date
  • uploaded_after (string) - restrict results to assets uploaded after this date
  • modified_before (string) - restrict results to assets modified before this date
  • modified_after (string) - restrict results to assets modified after this date
  • infofield (int,mixed...[]) - search by information field value, syntax: ,[,...], Examples:
    • text: 123,searchterm searches for the term "searchterm" in the infofield 123
    • number: 123,42 searches for the number "42" in the infofield 123
    • number range: 123,42,1337 searches for numbers between 42 and 1337 in the infofield 123
    • dropdown: 123,2 searches for dropdown item #2 in the infofield 123
    • boolean: 123,false searches for "false" values in the infofield 123
    • noderefs: 123,456,789 searches for nodes 456 or 789 in the infofield 123
    • date: 123,1970-01-01 _searches for the first of January 1970 in the infofield 123
    • various date formats are auto-detected, such as yyyy-MM-dd, dd.MM.yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy
    • jchronic-expressions such as "yesterday" are also supported (doc of the original ruby lib))
    • date range: 123,2019-01-01,2019-12-31 _searches for any day in 2019 in the infofield 123
    • open ranges can be defined using the term "null", e.g. anything before 2020 123,null,2019-12-31
  • or_mode (boolean) - connect different search terms with OR, default is AND
  • facets (int) - return facets (if a facet-provider is installed), 0 = disabled (default), 1 = only facets, 2 = facets and assets




Release Notes


Released 2020-01-22

Initial version.