Smart Collections

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The "Smart Collections" plugin automatically updates the linked assets of specific nodes (the smart collections).


To be configured in {home}/appserver/conf/

The plugin supports several smart collections. The properties are set in the format smartCollections.<number>.<property> (e.g. smartCollections.1.nodeId). In the following properties <number> = 1 will be used as an example.


type: String, required: yes, default: -

The license key for the plugin (product: smartCollections), provided by brix.


type: String, required: yes, default: -

A Quartz cron expression specifying when the task should run.


type: Long, required: yes, default: -

The node id of the smart collection. The corresponding node will be filled automatically according to the specified filter.


type: String, required: yes, default: -

A filter expression using the anura syntax. Attention: the search_ prefix has to be dropped and search was renamed to text. Ampersand (&) can be escaped by using &amp;.

Additionally there is a node by name filter: One of node_contains or node_startswith has to be set to apply this filter. It also requires the node_type (id) and optionally a node (id) to limit the search. The language parameter is also taken into consideration for the node search.


type: String, required: no, default: defaultLanguage

The language used to filter.

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